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What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?

With all of the changes introduced to visas in the last years, it could be difficult for travelers to travel to Saudi Arabia. In this article you will discover everything you need to know about which type of visas are required and how one gets approved by using a port-of-entry form rather than having to go through a different form such as getting sponsorships or on guest status. Their passports being valid only when they are within KSA borders, but not over the borders.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Commercial and Business Use

The most well-known and simplest method to travel to Saudi Arabia is through a business/commercial visa. The visa permits individuals visiting Saudi Arabia for the benefit of their organization or company, in the event that they have been invited by someone who is already conducting business in the market of the country. Online applications can be submitted anytime prior to departure. However, you must meet certain requirements. For instance, you must have enough money in one business to provide money on demand when you enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When a client would like to bring their loved ones along for an event they need to first check into the office at the entrance and wait in a patient manner while this particular office runs its business. Sometimes it may take up the duration of a month, but other times three! All schedules have been vetted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city. Invitations will be made available without unexpected delays or issues. You’ll be at peace knowing that someone special will come to your home soon.

2. Visit to Work

Take note that one of the quintessential points about a business visa is that it will be paid by your US employer and you won’t receive any kind of direct payment from Saudi hosts. If you believe they’ve done something wrong, please check that their visit-work permission is approved prior to going over. But keep in mind that this application is still going through the process as with all other applications. Expect some adjustments in dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Visa for Government

The third most frequent and easiest visa to apply for is a program sponsored by the government. You can obtain this type of permit through meetings with representatives from Saudi Arabian government agencies or their associates at the Embassy. However, you will require less documentation for this type of sponsorship. It is usually processed within 1-2 business day and is totally free.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family visit visas are difficult to obtain because they require documents to establish your relationship with the customer. You’ll need birth certificates or marriage certificates if are visiting grandparents . However, even more crucial than these minor factors, there should be an established bond between two persons: parent and child; spouse is a crucial factor when applying for this kind of travel document.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is intended for those looking to relocate or reside in KSA. This type of immigration paper is only available through the Ministry of Interior. It’s directly connected to your Iqama Card, so you’ll need an employment-based permit. They’ll mail you an invitation with a yellow color. However, it is essential to go through the whole process.

6. Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has a difficult process to obtain a working visa. One of the most complex visas is that you are hired by and receive benefits from your employer, which could only be done if they provide one-time direct hire every year! This means that most you will have to search through various recruiting firms before even being considered for a job with one firm.

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