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Tips To Make Your Desert Safari More Memorable

The vast, open deserts are a great location for an exciting safari. There are a variety of opportunities and activities to be done in this region like quad cycling, camel riding, or Sandboarding. Even more traditional options are available such as henna-painting with falconry just in front of your campsite’s entrance.

There are many ways to experience the extremes of desert exploration but if you’re looking for an alternative then nighttime tours could be just the ideal option for you. The temperature is never above 55°C, and there’s no sun exposure.

The preparation is the essential to have an enjoyable safari. Be sure to take into consideration a few key aspects prior to your trip, and you will enjoy an amazing experience in one of the last great wildernesses. These are some ways to make your trip more enjoyable.

Comfortable Clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes that are loose and light is the ideal method to dress for a the desert safari. It is possible to wear cotton pants, shorts, and flip-flops/open footwear to avoid sand in your footwear when you are doing activities that can cause problems, such as hiking through rocky terrain with deep dunes near where you’ll camp overnight. Don’t wear too many jewelry since it’s very hot out, but remember to apply sunscreen especially if there happens suddenly storm clouds rolling towards us during our walkthroughs before dinner time.

Consider the activities you will be participating in while selecting your clothes. It’s a good idea to consider what you are going to do when shopping for clothing.

You must pay attention to The Instructors

A desert safari is a great opportunity to go out and discover. Although this is one of the more adventurous tours that you can go on, it’s not impossible. Dune bashing will take us through some steep hills where everyone should be attentive to the instructions from the driver or guide before going any further than they think they are comfortable with initially because there could potentially still be dangerous rocks are hidden under loose sand that could cause an accident if stepped upon suddenly while driving downhill without warning so don’t forget those sunglasses.

Make sure you have the right equipment

It’s not necessary to bring much on a desert safari. However, you should consider taking sunglasses and sunscreen as well because the sun’s rays will be blocked by these items while also preventing sand from getting into your eyes when looking at objects during tours or activities outside of the driving hours. This could cause irritation over time due to the fact that there is no wind flow in this area so anything stuck against skin sinks right down onto them rather quickly, without effort.

Pick the right timing

In the winter months, it is a lot more chilly and there are less people. The winter months are a great time to spend time in the desert and enjoy stunning views of snow-capped mountains.

Choose a camera

The desert is a place of incredible views and infinite possibilities. Even if you only want to take pictures at one location for several hours, there are plenty of photo possibilities in the desert. It is likely that you’ll run out of battery so make sure you have an extra one.

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