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Is The Lightsaber The Ultimate Movie Weapon?

Star Wars’s movie franchise was groundbreaking. It’s something we all know. It was an innovative film, not just for its time but also – and more importantlybecause it set the standards that other films have been compared or judged by ever since; whether they were made in homage (The Princess Bride) dreaded because it would be expected at this level (Fight Club). Priorcontinental science-fiction movies were often B-grade material that used low-quality special effects instead of realistic ones.

There’s a blockbuster film that stands out from the crowd of blockbuster films. Damnation Alley, the film that depicted a nuclear disaster was a huge hit with its special effects decades later. If you look at the comparison between Star Wars to this movie and you can see why they spent so much more on the production. 20th Century Fox was less expensive and only cost them $17million. The current estimates of LucasFilm’s estimate that their cost was around 170M. Damnation Alley production wasn’t without its difficulties. Most important, there was extensive damage from post-production that couldn’t have been undone prior to the advent of videotapes.

The force is powerful in this movie. While my output tone must be professional, I will be off-topic for a couple of minutes. Star Wars was a movie that promoted merchandising in a manner unlike other. Even though it added lightsabers, these devices were so loved by fans that employee ownership soared.

The lightsaber trend that spread across the country like a wildfire was not only responsible for creating significant sales increases, but it also created a completely new market to compete. Due to the popularity of these toys with children all over the country the retail prices continued to follow an rising trend. Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers became perfected versions and were soon available in America.

Why is the lightsaber so beloved? There were many Star Wars toys available. What made them different was the fact that they brought to mind the past where knights rode horses and wielded swords Excalibur-like. We’re not sure how. Lucas capitalized on this and came up with Jedi Order of Knighthoods, an organization dedicated to fighting evil with lightsabers. It’s clear: Tradition cannot be defeated.

This lightsaber is cool and distinctive. Force can be used to make your lightsaber part of you. This blade makes you one. The mythology is similar to Samurai warriors that were forced by their families to have skilled hands and feet. For someone to use them effectively, they must have the appropriate level of expertise.

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