About Us

I’m a frugal deal-o-holic with a love of wine and a dream to be financially independent.But I wasn’t always this way.
I graduated from college in 2011 with a job, debt, and a subconscious unwillingness to pay it off. I made minimum loan payments and assumed debt would disappear one day while I splurged with the money I earned buying clothes and painting the town. I had savings, but wasn’t saving nearly as much as I could.

The rude awakening came in 2012 when I checked my credit report and was in disbelief because I thought I was doing everything right — paying by deadlines and not taking on any additional credit.

Boy was I wrong.

Ignoring my credit history and not paying attention to payment due dates had my credit report looking pretty sad. And the worst part? It was avoidable.

Cue the revolution!

This event was the wake up call I needed to take ownership of my own financial future. I hope to offer a honest platform for finance newbies like myself to discuss moolah.

Let’s take charge of our financial future together and establish some goals! I have two major financial goals for 2014…

Have 3 months salary worth of savings – 12% of the way there
Pay off my student debt – 77% of the way there
I’m going to meet these goals by cutting back on all excess spending and saving half of my take home income! It’s definitely a sacrifice and I’ll be sharing my savings journey with you this year – the highs and the lows.

So what is Trendy Cheapo?

On this site I share a Millenial’s perspective on personal finance and cool ways to save money including DIYs on an average salary. And since I REFUSE to sacrifice my fabulousness, I also share some of my favorite trendy yet cheap beauty and fashion ideas.

Are you a Trendy Cheapo? Join me for the ride, share your story, and let’s get our money right together! And to make sure we don’t lose each other remember to subscribe below!


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