5 Affordable Lace Up Sandal Styles

Hey you! How’s your summer going so far? Okay, intro and pleasantries aside: Back at it again with the trendy fashion. For the summer, lace up heels are blowing up the scene. I mean seriously, these shoes are the business. Not only do lace up heels elongate the legs, but they immediately sexify any type […]


Where to Get the Baseball Cap Look for Cheap

Hey, hey beautiful peeps! In this post, we’re talkin’ about baseball caps because I love a nice casual look. Honestly, you can find me most days wearing tights on the way to the gym or while hitting up the p90x videos. Fortunate for me, fitness clothes these days are as much for fashion as they […]


6 Sizzling Mesh Bodysuit Looks for Cheap

Hey there sister! Another day another trend. Two months ago, I went to a grad party and noticed all of the girl high school grads flaunting toned midriffs. Now, I’m a conservative girl in my late twenties and never felt free enough to show mine off even in my teeny bopper years. Since seeing those […]


5 Maroon Midi-Dress Looks for Cheap

Hey there friend! When it comes to body hugging attire, I’m all bout it. And fitted midi-dresses are a look that can do wonders for the figure. As a pair shaped girl, short dresses tend to ride up. Midis are the perfect trade off. What’s even better is they can give you that hourglass shape. […]